26 May 2008

Memorial Day

We'll be cooking out in the backyard with the kids and the dogs. I hope all of you are doing something similar.

This day is about the ones who didn't make it back, but it has always seemed to me that they wouldn't begrudge us spending it enjoying our friends and family.

But do think of them. Remember them.

MAJ Gregory J. Fester
SPC Michael J. Stokely
SGT Paul A. Saylor
SPC Joshua P. Dingler
SGT Thomas J. Strickland
SFC Class Lawrence E. Morrison
SSG George R. Draughn Jr.
SFC Robert L. Hollar Jr.
SSG Jason A. Fegler
SPC Joshua J. Munger
SPC Benjamin A. Smith
SGT Regina C. Reali
SPC Cheyenne C. Willey
1LT Benjamin T. Britt
SPC William Lopez-Feliciano
SGT Kenith Casica
SSG Travis L. Nelson
SGT Matthew D. Hunter
1LT Garrison C. Avery
SPC Marlon A. Bustamante
SPC Anthony C. Owens
PFC Caesar S. Viglienzone
SPC Andrew K. Waits
CPT Shane R. Mahaffee
1SG Carlos N. Saenz
SPC Teodoro Torres
SGT Nathan J. Vacho