11 June 2008

Just when it was staring to get really miserable...

the weather up here finally broke and it's not 1,000 degrees with 98% humidity. I find ol' Court Licks much more enjoyable when I'm not squinting through a sheet of sweat.

I mentioned the bird's nest in the bathroom to y'all, right? It's occupied (I can hear the little sparrows), but I can't get a good view from the outside (yes - I leaned waaaay out the window to look - nearly becoming one of those "weird military deaths" statistics).

But I wouldn't want you to think I was pulling your leg, so here's a crummy shot of the portion of the nest that protrudes into the shower entrance.

It could be evidence of the Army's horrifying lack of interest in our living conditions, but I prefer to think of it as a cheerful and rustic touch.