08 June 2008

More Army Fun

Greetings from lovely Court Licks, Eastern Seaboard!

The official mascot of Court Licks appears to be the giant fat woodchuck, of which I have seen no fewer than 14 examples in the space of about 24 hours. The Mister retained possesion of the digital camera, so don't get your hopes for exciting woodchuck imagery, but if one wanders close enough, perhaps I'll take a cell pic.

This particular class I'm enrolled in is focused on my job, so thus far it isn't too painful. The blanket no-beer rule, however, sucks the big one. Guess you can't win 'em all - if you get (mildly) useful content, you apparently don't get quality military recreation.

However, it seems the internet is not a physical impossibility, although it is a bit of a trudge. It does require operating off of battery power, which means I will soon have to brave the woodchuck-infested hike back to the barracks.


I love this job.