08 March 2007

NOT a morning person

Sometimes I forget how much I hate the morning.

I drove up to Georgia yesterday in order to hang out with Cousin R and Dog Cousin Allie.

Cousin R has a real job (she teaches) and her alarm went off at 0500. Now, although the Bad Dogs were tucked in the guest room with me, do you think they could just STAY ASLEEP?

No - they could not. Because Dog Cousin Allie was up, they had to be up, too. In fact, they thought they may not remember having met Dog Cousin Allie last night, so we had to go through all the sniffing, running and wrestling again. At 0515.

Because she is a cruel and evil woman, Cousin R is going to go to school and leave me with the Pack. Because they've made that transition - they're no longer individual dogs, they are a wagging, barking, hysterical pack.

Wish me luck. I'll be back later with some pictures,