17 November 2006


We just got the lab report back from Mom's surgery - and it's GOOD NEWS! None of the lymph nodes that were removed showed any signs of cancer, and they couldn't find anything in the breast tissue itself (other than some abnormal cells). So that TOTALLY rules out the possibility of radiation, and apparently, there's a question as to whether chemo will even be required.

This is, of course, fabulous news. We here at Bad Dogs (North) are wagging and howling with happiness. Sarge is mostly just happy because Mom's surgeon called and gave her the news over the phone - he'd been getting worried because we kept referring to "going up to get the labs." He's an only dog and kept pointing out that he didn't WANT a lab.

Incidentally, we don't know the lab in the above picture. We shamelessly stole this image from www.dogbreedinfo.com