15 November 2006

Ok! Ok! Sorry!

Yes, I know, I've been remiss! The Bad Dog Nation yaps, howls and demands UPDATES! Ok - maybe not, but I like to think I have a cult following.

Abby's Mom had surgery on Monday - she came HOME today (Wednesday). In the interests of those who prefer not to hear details about the medical issues of others, we will let it suffice to say she is doing WELL, with good mobility and surprisingly little pain.

We await news on the next steps in whipping this bastard breast cancer, and we will know more when the pathology comes in from the surgery in the next few days.

Tomorrow will be a catchup day, when I will bombard you with NEWS and SCANDALOUS IMAGERY! There have been Significant Developments at Bad Dogs (Rear), and I can promise you that tomorrow will bring a UNPRECEDENTED IMAGE!

Stay tuned!