21 February 2007

Coffee cups I have loved

Y'all know I subsist largely on coffee. Love the stuff. I've loved it for years, since the World's Coolest Grandmother (who really merits her own post one of these days) started feeding me the potent, black stuff when I was a kid.

I drink coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, and more coffee at night. I use only one cup. This is my coffee cup:

I do not wash my coffee cup. I never, ever put anything in my coffee. No sugar, no cream, no booze. So I never wash the cup. In fact, I like to leave about an inch of coffee in the bottom at all times. That way, when I put new, hot coffee in, it's a drinkable temperature right away.

This drives my husband insane. Previously, this habit has driven those who work with me insane. There was a certain Army officer who used to swipe this cup off my desk and scratch "wash me" into the residue.

I used the trusty deer cup during my tour here at Major High Silly Command. T'was a good and faithful cup. The next one, it was explained to me, seriously jeopardized my future as a Marine Corps NCO by its constant state of filth.

This was also a very good cup, but the metal on the rim meant it did not like microwaves. That was OK, since it was my cup in an office where there was always scalding coffee.

Alas, my cup that I carried around Iraq is MIA. I'm 98% sure it came back with me, but I have no idea where it is.

This whole thing has been the long prelude to tonight's Story of Stupidity. I made crab cakes for dinner. As I was mixing ingrediants, I somehow managed to fling a clump of crabmeat into my German Shepherd cup. It was, of course, partially full.

Folks, once you introduce non-coffee organic material to your cup, you're sunk. You gotta wash it, or it will turn into a biology experiment. So I did.

Ick. I hadn't washed it since Christmas. Now my coffee tastes thin and without character. It'll be four or five days until it gets a good, protective coating of coffee residue and things are again as they should be.