20 February 2007

Product Endorsement! Discussion

Sorry - I don't have anything fabulous to report to you today. In fact, I'm having a bit of a dilemma.

I have endorsed the AKC Outdoor Series of squeaker toys. The endorsement was based on the purchase of one Large Black Squirrel and one Small Racoon. The squirrel squeaked for months before dying, and the racoon still squeaks. That was worthy of endorsement.

However! Several days ago, I bought Sparky an AKC Outdoor Series squeaker fox. Which he killed in less than an hour.

I am not going to withdraw my endorsement - yet. However - if his next AKC toy doesn't hold up, I will have no choice. The fox was long and skinny, with easier-to-puncture squeakers. The next one I purchase will be more similar to the others that have lasted so well.

I do take my product endorsements seriously. I don't have millions of readers, but I do have some who have outclicked on the button to purchase these toys. I don't want you to spend good money on bad advice, so I will keep you posted.

In other product endorsement news, Mr. Abby recently applied Herculiner to the bed of his truck. We will not endorse this product until it's held up to some abuse, but right now it's looking good.