05 June 2008

Corrupting the youth!

Yep! That's me. Number Two Son and I packed up an armload-o-rifles and headed off to the range.

First, we set him up on my uber-tacticool Plainfield carbine.

The red dot scope seemed to work out pretty well for him.

Two out, three right in there. He was pleased, and thus, so was I.

Being a good adult, I did manage to let him shoot first before breaking out the new (old) carbine.

I know, I know. The sling is in the mail, since the one I had on hand is on the Inland. Obviously, I found the trigger spring.

A little high at 50, but I was pleased with the grouping, and the rifle ran like a clock. I am a very happy camper.

And, finally, one more. Because I am just so darn proud.

That is the young man, adjusting his firing position with my AR. And yes - that is his finger - straight and off the trigger.