02 June 2008

So. Here we are.

The Mister braved the fury that is Cranky Sleeping Abby and prodded me awake around 0640 (with an old fishing rod, from a safe distance, while crouching behind a dresser).

FedEx hasn't yet seemed to screw up my carbine's progress - at least not so that I can tell from the tracking info.

I have coffee, CNN, and I am officially waiting.

I am supported in this effort by Casey, who's sacked out on the floor next to me. Sparky and Jack are nowhere to be found, and I suspect - scratch that - I have confirmed - that they are racked out with children.

To my amusment, Sparky is curled up with Girl Child on the big bed. The boys share a room, in which they each have a little bed. Jack is, of course, stretched out on one of those.