03 June 2008


So Sen. Obama has clinched the nomination.

Which tells us all about our choices in November.

I have to admit, from a strictly chick perspective, I'm annoyed to see Sen. Clinton lose to someone I think might be a lightweight.

(Seriously - I recognize that a lot of my readers are probably older white protestant dudes who dig guns, but for a second, try to put yourself in my shoes)

I only wish that our first viable female candidate had been someone I was more politically aligned with.

And I have to wonder - and there's no way to know until the dust settles in November - if the Democrats overplayed the equality hand and made a bad choice.

I heard the talking heads yap earlier about how Senators McCain and Obama are at odds on nearly every issue, from health care to immigration to Iraq. They remarked that this election will really be between two very different directions for this country. I wonder which of the two we will choose.

We all know where we stand, but I think curiosity about where everyone else stands is very natural. I think this election may allow us to see some of that.