22 April 2009

Book reports

Remember a while back when I asked you all for some reading recommendations? I did follow up, and ordered a couple off the list.

I read Young Rissa, and while I enjoyed it quite a bit, it was a long wait for a short read, and I haven't bothered ordering the next in the series yet. Cool character, though. I'll get around to the others at some point.

The one I really ended up diving into was the 1632/Ring of Fire series. These are a fun read, dense and meaty. Recurring characters, and overarching plot...good stuff. Fabulous travel reads, since one probably isn't going to get through one on a single plane ride.

And of course that series reminded me of Harry Turtledove. I'd read the Pearl Harbor pair, then a buddy over here reminded me about him and recommended The Guns of the South. I found that to be a pretty interesting read (mostly what came after the war), and so picked up the first couple in the Great War series while was home.

I'm going to keep working on the list, this next time with a focus on some of the cop and detective stuff I saw there.