24 April 2009

Credit where it's due

I'm chilling with Higher on the Big Base, waiting for a ride home to FOB McSleepy. It cannot come soon enough.

Like any decent NCO, Higher annoys the bejesus out of me. Silly requests, weird preoccupations with suspenses imposed by battalion, etc etc. But once in a while, they do something very clever and I must, alas, give them their due.

The Higher compound has, of course, porta-jons.

They are always very nice, due to the fact that we don't have many soldiers and none of them are inclined to act like savages in the green closets. But the truly wonderful thing about these porta-jons is up on top. Look closely. No, I'm not talking about the shade (although that's nice).

That's a light bar. They flip it on at dusk, and so one's nighttime trip to the closet is never dark and scary. No flashlight needed, no godawful surprises.

It's simply brilliant. One of the little things that takes a porta-john from godawful to not bad at all.