21 April 2009

Killing time

So of course, as I was in the DFW airport, waiting to leave, I fired up my laptop. Except it didn't exactly fire up. In fact, I got a snarky little message about how it had failed to start.


The problem seemed to fix itself rather rapidly. But still - I'm a mobile modern gal - my life is on my laptop. So - backup time!

I hit the PX in search of a protable hard drive. They had one, so I bought it and took it to my tent. Where I realized it had that godawful clamshell packaging and that I, like a good soldier, had left EVERY SINGLE ONE of my myriad knives in Iraq, rather than deal with customs.

I had a key. Which did not cut the proverbial mustard.

I sat. I fumed. Then I remember - Uncle D, one of the recovering Marines in my life, had sent one of his Ka-Bars from his Med float days.

Clamshell Packaging Of Satan, meet Old Combat Knife.

Heh. Win.

I felt even MORE victorius when I realized that the hard drive fit perfectly into my trusty old little Otter Box.

It's the little things, folks. Now if I could just get out of this country.