11 March 2007

Best. Thing. Ever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you know I feel no emotion nearly so keenly as I feel rage. Or possibly annoyance. But today on the drive home from Georgia, I encountered something so wonderful, something so purely good, that I spent the next three hours looking for someone to hug.

And the better you know me, the more shocking that idea is.

I was doing the transition from Georgia Highway 82 (which is also, at that point, Highway 520) to I75. The dogs were being hysterical, and I needed to gas up before I hit the big road. And I was hungry. Ahead on my right I saw a combination Shell/Wendy's. Bingo, I thought.

I pulled in, fueled up. Pulled around back to walk the Bad Dogs. What? What was I pulling up in front of? This.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a well-built small dog park behind a gas station/fast food joint.

Now, I don't know how many of my readers travel with dogs. But if you do...you understand. If you travel with multiple dogs, you really really understand. This is amazing. And fabulous. And super. And great.

You can see that they provide poop bags and a trash receptacle. There's a sign on the entrance gate that points out that they have toys and bowls and treats indoors. The other sign has the standard dog park rules.

I admit to being a Bad Person and having some nice total stranger with a small dog of her own keep an eye on mine while I ran in and got water (for them) and a burger (for me). I did share the burger.

I can't imagine anything nicer for the traveling pet owner than if this idea caught on. I'd go. Now, there's nothing on any of the roads approaching here that TELLS you this is here, so it's a luck or word of mouth thing. But I cruise the interstates A LOT - and if places would put "dog park" on their billboards, I would stop and buy their gas. Even if I didn't have my dogs with me.

For your reference, this is the TIFTON, GA exit. Number 62. It's on the WEST SIDE of I75, and on the SOUTH side of Highway 82/520. That's Wendy's and Shell, if you want to share the idea with your local gas station person.


I'm so impressed that I shall now try to manipulate the post timing so this stays on top.