29 July 2008

I'm a despot

I did it last night, and I'm going to end up doing it again. That's right - I am Abby, Queen of Backyard Ethnic Cleansing.

The systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society, as by deportation, forced emigration, or genocide.

Can you see it?

Of course, it's their ancestral home. Or, at least, a habitat that's pretty much ideal, regardless of where they might originally hail from. There are bricks, directly under a drippy spigot. And a porch light that attracts bugs.

Alas, they cannot be tolerated in the Kingdom (Queendom?) of Bad Dogs, for they vex mightily the Very Small Dog, and make him foam at the mouth most voluminously.


I moved one last night (avoiding the toad pee), and it looks most likely that I'll be relocating another tonight. At some point, they'll probably file complaints about Forced Amphibian Relocation with some sort of Toad UN, and I'll find myself in front of some shabby international tribunal, explaining how it was all really for their own good.