30 July 2008

Life is Good

Tomorrow I start doing Army stuff, and I'll be doing it for more than a year. The actual mobilization isn't quite here, but it's time for a few days of home station prep, then a pre-mobilization trip, then the mobilization itself.

So this is really my last evening of enjoying the total bum's life. The Mister and I decided that we should celebrate that with high-quality chow. So we headed over to Central Market, traded a kidney for a cart full of goodies, and fired up the grill. It all begins, of course, with meat. Sweet, succulent, fabulous meat.

There might be something better than the ribeye, but I haven't met it yet. Of course, we're crazy dog people, so we buy the bone-in ribeyes. A little marinade, a little time...then onto the fire!

The Mister normally doesn't look this frightened of things, but the fire was hot. Very hot. Don't worry, we didn't leave the steaks on too long. But meat alone is not, some folks say, a balanced meal.

So we added some asparagus and shrimp, and called it well-rounded.

'Twas wonderful. Bloody, yet crispy. And now, I'm sure I have something to organize for tomorrow, but I think first I'll drag my meat-stuffed gut over to the couch for just a few minutes.