17 January 2007


So I've noticed I'm starting to get some visitors from out and about around the country.


It's a little weird realizing that people are actually reading this. Weird but cool.

You'll notice a wide variety of topics addressed here. You'll find cute dog pictures, random gun-related stuff, thoughts on our involvement in Iraq, the occasional "back in the day" story, and of course, updates on the health and well being of Abby's Mom.

(Go Mom! 3 rounds of chemo down, 5 to go!)

And I'm getting some comments, which is fun. I'm not sure what to DO with them, and although I feel as though I should reply, I can't always think of anything useful to say. Fortunately, nobody has behaved badly in the comments section thus far, and I've been able to avoid learning how to "block" comments. Please keep up the good work - I'd hate to have to learn how to be mean.

So anyway, welcome to Bad Dogs Central! Sniff around - I hope you find something that smells good enough to roll in!