17 January 2007

I want my new TOY!!!

Tonight's irritation is EBAY. I sold an object a couple of days ago and the buyer hasn't paid for it yet. Which is OK, in theory, because they have several days in which to pay. But it's ANNOYING me because that money is earmarked for a new toy (M9 pistol). I won't order the gat till I've got the money in hand.

So I'm grumpy. Harumph. Anyway, here's a pic of what my new toy will look like.

I like the M9. I'm not one of those who think it's the end-all be-all just because it's what the military issues, but it's an easy pistol to shoot well. 9mm ammunition is affordable. And I really wanted to have an example of the sidearm I carried for a year.

One of these days when I'm not poor (or when I find a bunch more crap to sell on FleaBay) I'm going to pick up an Evil Black Rifle that's similar to the M4. Again, so that someday, years down the road, I can say, "this is what Grandma carried in the war."

Now, if only it were legal/financially possible for me to acquire an M240B...