18 January 2007

Good vibrations

It's shaping up to be an actual Good Day here at BDC. I just managed to shower without having the water go ice cold on me. SCORE! True, I had to use the evil shampoo/conditioner combination stuff, and it's possible I didn't actually wash BOTH armits, but I scrubbed my face and my ass and really, isn't that half the battle?

Those of you with normal hot water heaters...you have no idea. I'm getting ready to head out and about and I'm NOT PISSED OFF. Amazing what NOT being doused with frigid water will do for you.

So I've printed up a few copies of the old resume and made a couple copies of my Form 4 and all that good stuff. I'm going to go out in search of the first menial job that will hire me quickly.

By the time I make my next entry, who knows - I could be the night manager at your local Kwik E Mart.

Oh yes, and I'm also wearing my lucky underpants. They were clean. This is looking so promising I think I'll buy a lottery ticket.