16 January 2007

Things Abby Hates

My neighbor has a bird. I don't know what kind of bird. Mr. Abby (who actually talks to the neighbors) has seen it and believes it's some sort of parrot.

It seems to live out on their back porch. And it shrieks. Frequently throughout the day. When I first noticed it, I had a moment of thinking someone was gutting a small child in the street.

Although I dislike children, I was about ready to go investigate and at least insist the gutter conduct his/her business more quietly. But then I listened, and I realized. It was the freaking bird.

Fortunately, being a bird, it shuts the hell up around dusk. But all afternoon...SQWAAAK!!!

I like to watch wild birds. I like to eat birds raised on farms. I think people who have birds as pets should themselves be cooked and eaten. What the Hell kind of pet is a damn bird?