27 February 2007


So I was just sitting here, trying to figure out what to do with myself. I've been cleaning, and I've been shooting. And I've been running. But I needed some other activity.

I hate TV.

I was watching the local news, and the sports guy was talking about hockey. I sighed, thought, I wish there was baseball to watch...

Am I an idiot or what? Where do I live? Florida. What happens in Florida every year during this awful period of hockey and basketball? Spring Training.

How 'bout that? Every year of my life (well, most of them, when I've been the US), I've heard reports "from Lakeland," and "from Fort Meyers."

Well, I'm here. I'm not totally broke. And I have nothing to do other than send resumes west and call and bug the temp agency people. I am 35 miles from Lakeland. So guess what Abby is doing Thursday?

I knew there was something that didn't suck about this state.