27 February 2007

Ugh (gasp)...

It's warming up here again. Right around 80 and HUMID. So I went for a run. If you live in Florida, you cannot refuse to run if it's warm and humid. Well, you can, but then you won't really ever run at all.

So I did. Started feeling crummy tired right around 1.25, so I went 3 instead of 2.3. Running, in my world, is largely a mind over body thing. So if the body starts whining, I run an additional lap or half-lap around the park. To remind the body that the mind is in charge.

Yes, I know it's sick, but it's what I do.

As usual, Sparky is being super-annoying after my return. He recognizes red-faced and sweaty and seems to believe that means I need him to CUDDLE UP. You'd think that after I swat him across the couch EVERY TIME he does that, he'd learn. But you'd be wrong.

I'm fortunate to have a nice park with a nice trail .4 miles from the house. It's 1.5 around, and I can make a half-lap by using a connecting trail. The downside of the park is that whenever I want to run more than one lap (which is pretty much always), I have to pass the entrance. That gives my whiny body a chance to try to weasel me into going home early.

Oh, c'mon, the legs say. Let's just head back to the house...we're tired!

My favorite place to run is a nearby bridge. There's no way for the body to weasel out on that one. It's 2.6 miles across, and once you reach the other side, well, you really don't have much of a choice beyond turning around and running back. I like that.