27 February 2007

Update on Florida Madness

On the TBO page today we find this gem: Sex Change Up For Public Debate Tonight I'm linking you to the main page so you can see they actually used that very verbiage.

Commissioner Mary Black on Monday offered a resolution calling for the termination of Stanton's contract "in the best interest of the city." Commissioners will consider the resolution during a special meeting at 6 p.m. today at city hall, 201 N. Highland Ave. A large crowd is expected, and additional police and fire personnel will be on hand.


Now, I don't care if you think this guy is a courageous hero or a freak of nature. But think about that - one of your major life decisions up for public debate.

I've felt a lot in the last year or so like all my major decisions have somehow been made by committee, and it's not a happy feeling. And MY committee is made up people I care about and who like me.

This guy...Oh god, I feel sorry for him. I've often thought that if I were him, I'd probably just change my name and move to Mexico rather than try to stay in the same position, but...whatever.

But let's not have public debate on this. If the city council wants him gone, let them do it in a nice, closed-door meeting.