02 March 2007


Wow - LL over at Chromed Curses threw us a link and I see I have quite a few folks dropping in. Thanks!

Hi! Welcome to Bad Dog Central. Happy to have you here.

We're pretty eclectic around here. We like dogs, and guns, and amusing military stupidity. We love our brothers and sisters in the sandbox. We talk about things that Piss Abby Off, and we talk about Abby's Mom kicking breast cancer in the ass.

We talk about lots of things, so feel free to wander around and see if you can dig up a bone that appeals to you.

Whenever someone throws us a link, I feel the need to be MORE ENTERTAINING. I have a vision of dressing up as the Mr. Salty Pretzel Guy and dancing around for you all. Don't worry - I won't do that.

Stayed tuned, as later today we'll be posting on CHARISMATIC MEGAFAUNA. There WILL be imagery.