25 February 2007

Let the party begin!

Yep, Mr. Abby is out of the area. Off for professional development or some such tomfoolery.

In his absence, we are LIVIN' IT UP here at BDC. Casey has her half of the couch staked out, and Sparky is looking forward to sleeping on Mr. Abby's pillow. I will be off to the range shortly, and on the way home will stop for FRUIT, CEREAL and ROOT BEER, those being the things we subsist on when he's gone.

Any of you nefarious types out there who might view this as a good opportunity to come to BDC and steal our squeaker toys, beware! As always when the Mister is out of town, we've raised the household DEFCON from 4 to 3. That's right - we've got the Claymores out and I've taught Sparky to dial 9-1-1 while Casey does bite-testicles-and-shake-vigorously.

Ahhh...several weeks of nothing but CNN and the old country music channel. I'm all about that.