27 February 2007

Bad Shit

As I was driving up Dale Mabry tonight, I passed a very recent accident. I assume there was a car or truck involved, but there was definitely a motorcycle. And a motorcyclist. The bike was in pieces, and they were covering what was left of the rider with a sheet.

I'm married to a motorcycle guy (remember the Wreck of The Ducati?) and I'm well aware that there are many safe and conscientious riders out there.

But a lot of motorists are idiots.

Be careful out there, gang. I don't have many readers, and I'd like the ones I have to stay alive, since you're all obviously bright folks with good taste.

And oh yes - although I don't know if a helmet was present or not with the dead rider tonight, I see lots of bikers zipping around carry helmets but not wearing them. If you do that, stop it. That's dumb. Wear your helmet. Oh, I support your right to not wear one, but it's a stupid choice to make.